Kenya as everyone know has a lot of places to visit

Thinking about or enjoy the real experience is not the same feeling

Mida Creek

Watamu National Marine Park

Bio-Ken Snake Farm

Watamu Turtle Watch

You can book directly from the Garoda Resort the SAFARI in the savannah or the MARINE SAFARI

where you can find turtles and dolphins around.

Downwind Tour

15km Downwind With our instructors from the JC KiteHouse Garoda Resort till the JC KiteHouse inJacaranda Beach. you can see a lot of different types of fishes. Drinks included at the arrival point.

Kite Safari Che Shale

1 day with lunch included at the resort Che Shale and his golden sands. It is also possible to kite in this flat lagoon with our instructor in order to progress.

SUP Tour Mida Creek

We propose excursion with our instructors in to the secrets spot of the Garoda’s area and in to the Mida’s Creek.

2h30min Mangroove tour Mida Creek.

4h  Mangroove tour Mida Creek with Apetiezers in a secret Spot.

Turtle Watch Watamu

The Watamu Turtle watch it’s a project started in 1997 from local people in order to protect turtles from injuries and sickness, once they recover they release them back in the ocean.

Savannah Safari Tour

Directly from the resort s it possible to book a Safari in one of the natural park of the country, you can choose beetwen few days safari in lodges or for the more adventure people you can even spend the night into the tends inside the parks.

Blu Safari in the Reef

During this excursion you can discover the different color of the sea, fishes and corals.

You can snorkel in the reef and get tan in the small sand island around when is low tyde

Rock and Sea Appetiezer

The Rock and Sea is located in to the Mida’s Creek mangroove, a river close to the Garoda Resort. Here you can enjoy a drink while watching the sun going down in to the mangroove

Bio Ken Snake Farm

The Bio Ken Snake Farm it is a reptiles research center specialised in snakes.

Yt has the biggest collection of snakes in East Africa.

It is just 5 minutes away from the resort.



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