When the wind drop off and the ocean is flat it’s time to take a SUP and go in to the Mida’ s Creek, a place where the sea come in to the main land and become a 8 km river to ride, or you can take your SUP to go around the small islands where you can dive and enjoy this amazing clear water.


We propose excursion with our instructors in to the secrets spot of the Garoda’s area and in to the Mida’s Creek

2 h 30 min Mangroove tour Mida Creek – 30 €

4 h  Mangroove tour Mida Creek with Apetiezers in a secret Spot (2 drinks per person you can choose between analchoolic or alchoolic drinks).


You never tryed SUP before?

We are here to give you passion also for this big lovely board.

SUP is open to all ages and it allow you to paddle along our clear water.

1H – 30 € (1200 ksh)

3H – 75 € (1800 ksh)


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